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                                                                                           "Clicker Training"  the GENTLE way to train your dog                                                                                           


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KerrKlickers is Kerr County's only facility offering very affordable dog training using truly positive reinforcement techniques

 and the clicker, a tool to aid in training.


 "The Clicker"

We are enthusiastic about "clicker training" and teach and encourage the use of these  techniques for all training.

 We urge you to consider "clicker training" for pet manners, rally, obedience, freestyle, agility and any other type of training you wish to do with your dog.  

The relationship you form with your dog by using "clicker training"  is irreplaceable.


KerrKlickers offers day and evening Classes

    Classes for
        -  Pet owners who want basic "doggie" manners for their dogs
        -  Owners who want to compete in Rally or Obedience programs

        -  Owners  who want to do pet therapy or canine literacy with their dogs       

        -  Owners who want a better relationship with their dogs through specialized training

        - Owners who want to "dance" with their dogs, either for fun or competition

 KerrKlickers also offers:

KerrKlickers has its own training building - a 30x 50 foot  insulated metal building that  is matted for safety, heated in the winter, air conditioned in summer, and has doors to open to enjoy the spring and fall weather